Do Re Mi Fa So La SEO


The Marketing Landscape has changed drastically over the past decade as Social Media usage increases on all fronts, Search Engine Optimization otherwise known as SEO is one of the biggest influences on traffic heading towards your website. SEO refers to how well a website indexer such as Google can read your website and extrapolates information from it. For example, if you upload your menu or price list as a PDF instead of having it as HTML then search engines have no way of promoting that information. Here are some key points to remember when planning your SEO strategy.

  1. Having keywords that are likely to be searched by a budding customer such as “Dublin City Restaurant” or a niche term like “Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Dublin” will greatly improve your local search engine ranking. In a busy city with hundreds of other restaurants, this is an essential way to stand out amongst the crowd. A good way to view relevant keywords to your website is to use a tool called “Keyword Planner” which was created by Google themselves.

  2. With over 50% of world wide web traffic being conducted through mobile browsers your website needs to be mobile friendly. At SocioLocal all of our Socio Sites are mobile ready and are a great way of kickstarting your SEO strategy.

  3. Captivating content being regularly added to your website (a blog like this for example!) is another great way to get noticed by the search engine algorithm as it shows your brand and business is thriving and will likely move up further on the search results.

  4. Make sure to use all of your social media channels to drive traffic to your website with regular but not too frequent reminders that bookings are available through your website, special offers, etc.

As a restaurant owner, this may sound like a lot of information. Believe us when we say that if all of these tips are followed you are guaranteed to see more people coming to your website which will get them through your door! However, we understand that you may not have the time to go through this process yourself. That’s why we’re here to help. Our Socio Sites are SEO optimized and mobile-ready and the unique content we populate your social media channels with will help revitalize your customer base!