The Top Five things you need to know about Socio Connect

1. Turning back the clock

We know the restaurant industry; we know it well from working with our customers over the last two years. We know you need time back wherever possible to deal with the daily hiccups that undoubtedly come up when running a hospitality business. Hence why we have built Socio Connect; with the aim of making our clients' lives easier. Easier to contact us, easier to check on us (we know), easier to check your ROI, easier to check your results, easier to look for events in your city and easier to check bookings. Easier for you and giving you time back to manage lovely hiccups!

2. Communication station

Socio Connect allows for communication to be centralised onto one platform. No more email, whatsapp, oops the other wats app group, oh now a text, the phones ringing; oh wait where did I save that image? With Socio Connect you can instantly communicate with your Community Manager, as well as general staff resulting in faster decision-making and greater efficiencies for your business.


3. No more scouring the internet for local events

It's tricky to stay on top of what's going on in your city and how this might affect your business. Socio Connect uses bespoke technology to track events that are happening near you based on relevance, type of event and the number of people attending. Allowing you and your Community Manager to plan the marketing efforts well in advance, posting engaging content for that particular audience at a strategic time to ensure customers through the door.

4. See the bookings driven by social

We's tough, does social media generate business? We know the answer is yes, we are sure of it as we have the data to back it up; but our job is to show you, and now with Socio Connect we can. On the performance tab you can see visually the correlation between social posting, web traffic and bookings. Good right? (the answer is yes, it's epic).


5. One-stop-shop

Listen, we built this for you and for us. It's frustrating losing time jumping between analytics for web traffic, facebook for advertising, local marketing pages for events, reputation sites for reviews...its tiring and we knew we could do better. So, no more, now we have Socio Connect, bringing all your digital tools into one place.