UBER Tech for events in your city

People who work in hospitality are some of the busiest workers in the world, one day they're managing staff lists, the next they're hiring staff or rejigging a menu or ordering supplies, every so often someone is sick and business owners roll up their sleeves and get the work done. The list of TO-DO's are endless and marketing often falls to the wayside.

One conversation that always comes up between clients and Socio Local is events. We want to always ensure we're optimising a businesses social so that people always know where to go for that great pre-theatre bite to eat, or where to find that nice drink after a concert.

Our clients often come to us with queries about events such as "There's a match on this weekend! - Can we post about a beer and pizza deal?" or "I think there's some gig on down the road- how can we entice people in?". Business owners are always trying to keep on top of events and we knew that when Socio Connect came round - events were going to be a vital resource to our clients. Events provide footfall, bums on seats, etc and are a great boost to every business.

Now we know that if there's one other industry to which keeping up with events is vital it's Taxi drivers.


Taxi drivers are pros at keeping up with what's happening around town and UBER has integrated web scraping technology so that its drivers know every concert, match and political rallies happening around town! Our developers have also successfully integrated this technology into Socio Connect. The plan is simple - each week you can easily navigate the events feature to see what events to capitalise on this week and simply add them to your list of events. We then get busy developing posts to target the event.


Not only does assist you in marketing but you can use our events feature to help strategise on footfall in your area. If you know when this is due to heavily increase or decrease you can plan you tables, rostering and stock accordingly.

With Socio Connect you have access to our state of the art calendar which shows events based on relevance and population. Together Socio Local and you can now make a plan on the best way to successfully driver that footfall into your business with targeted advertising or special deals. Just another great reason to use Socio Connect.