A photo is worth a thousand words… and plenty of engagement!

Jason Fagan
Written by Lee Flanagan, Community Manager

One of the key factors to social media marketing is content, to post frequently you need to have something to use as collateral. That's why we here in Socio Local provide a number of photoshoots each year (depending on your package) to our clients so we can post several times a week promoting your brand and actively looking to hit all of your objectives laid out in the initial strategy. However, not everything can be squeezed in the photoshoot or sometimes a particular dish you never thought of is not included, but fear not, we have created this handy little guide to help you take the perfect snap and send it across to us. Even if you just want to do this every now and again and add the imagery to the content pool on Socio Connect. It means we can dip in and use the images as required. Anyway enough of the reasoning, here are our tips for the perfect shot!

1. Find the best spot in your restaurant that has natural lighting

By the window or an outdoors area are perfect spots to take great quality images. (While under the heat lamp of the kitchen is not great. These lights tend to give off a yellow light and never sheds great light on what you are looking to promote.) Present the food in the image the same way you would to a person. We spoke in the past about presenting your business on social the same way a customer can expect it in store. Consistency is key and this is what will make them go from visiting your Instagram page to your physical premises.

2. Use flattering angles for your dish

A front-on photo of a fish is not an eye-catcher. Straight down shots of Pizza are amazing or a photo of steak from a 45° angle. Also remember what you are shooting, if the dish is particularly flat an overhead shot looks good. Meanwhile, if the dish has some depth to it a 45° angle would be best. The ice-cream below was shot at two different angles. Which do you think looks more appetizing?

sociolocal sociolocal

3. Edit lightly

Filters are a thing of the past and can damage the natural beauty of your dish. We recommend the app SnapSeed by Google which is a fantastic editing tool that can make your photos look even better. However, remember if you haven’t the time. We will do this for you, we always run photos through some light editing to enhance the lighting and ensure everything is presented in the best possible way.

sociolocal sociolocal

4. Take extra time to prepare your dish.

Make sure the plate is freshly cleaned and garnished to perfection. If there is any sauce on the sides of a dish or bowl, give it a quick wipe! 😉

You may not feel like you have the eye for photography yourself but chances are if you have younger staff one of them will love taking photos. If you need extra help taking photos be sure to get in touch with your Community Manager who will walk you through this guide and can give you feedback on your photos!

Another option is to arrange a refresher shoot when you feel like your menu has changed - for example, a new Christmas menu! While this will incur a small fee if you are not due one of your free shoots, it is subsidised and an amazing photo of a freshly prepared roast will pay for itself when you have more customers coming through the door than ever.

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Jason Fagan

Author: Lee Flanagan

Lee is a Community Assistant Photographer who comes from a multimedia background. Having previously worked on campaigns aimed at increasing business's brand presence with the younger generation did you also guess that he also looks the youngest? Likewise, chances are if you’re in Dublin you will be meeting Lee when he’s making your restaurant picture perfect!

Email: community@sociolocal.ie