A picture says a thousand words...

And encourages even more bookings...

If there is anything we have learned from the correlation between posting and bookings it's that visual storytelling is the driving force behind the prompt - People see it, they like it, they want it, they get it.

But what makes for a successful prompt?

Really the answer is three-fold: An eye-catching image to stop the audience in their tracks (or their scroll if you will). A call to action that triggers the customer’s curiosity. And a pathway to the desirable — otherwise known as a link ;) But… let’s start at the beginning — stopping the audience in their scroll!

If you can provide a #FoodGoal to your audience you’re essentially setting them up with a goal they desire to achieve — Get people excited about your product and they will come!


We plan all of our photoshoots with specific objectives in mind, sourcing high-quality photos that fit perfectly with our clients messaging! But photography must STAND OUT.

We can’t re-iterate the power of a great photoshoot enough — your social is built on it and your bookings will benefit from it. There needn’t be bells and whistles but if you follow these three tips we can assure you, your next photoshoot will be a success!

Be willing and ready to prepare your dishes!

This is your chance to showcase everything your restaurant is capable of offering — and variety is key! Audiences are likely to switch off if the content is repetitive and therefore a hefty content pool will certainly stand to your business.

Have a helper on hand!

Restaurants are moving away from flat stock looking photos — it’s called social media for a reason! Much of Shaka’s content depicted people holding the bowls in their hand, digging into their food and even showed some of the bowls being built. People engage with what people are engaging with — the time for stock photos has long since passed and it’s time to create cognitive resonance with your audience!

Let’s get lit!

Did we mention that your imagery should be eye-catching? Natural lighting is a key component of great photography and something that our photographers always aim to work with. If the ambience in your restaurant requires low lighting — then talk to us! We can advise you on the best way to create photos that still emanate the intimacy of your venue.

Approaching your next photo shoot? Looking to get creative and capture some dishes with your trusty phone? Chat with your Community Manager today about the best ways to achieve your objectives through the power of photography