The Importance Of A Brand Aesthetic For Social

Annemarie O'Brien
Written by Annie O'Brien, Community Manager


"Mackerel, gooseberry, horseradish. We have lots of new dishes on the menu tonight! Feel free to pop in. As always all are welcome, no reservations, walk-in only."
Photo credit: franksdublin | Instagram

See this picture above? ... It's nice right? modern, clean, fresh, in focus, good light. The caption; is educational, friendly and welcoming but not too pushy.

But is this aesthetic right for your business?

Brand aesthetic is the look and feel for your business that you portray to your customers. It is important as it is the picture you paint in order to attract new customers.

How do you find the right brand aesthetic for your business?

Where To Begin

If you want the customer to know your business, your business needs to know who and what it is first. What is the nature of your own beast?

Nothing screams "I don’t really know what I am doing", like a social media presence that doesn’t reflect what the business is about and what customers experience when they are actually there.

Are you a Thai restaurant in town, a trendy pizza joint or a snug little cafe? Know what you are, decide what you want people to know about and then own it.

Once you have had that deep, introspective talk with yourself, social media can be a very clever way to drive business.

Step 1 - Photography

There are plenty of beautiful social pages for different bars and restaurants but if your business isn’t a trendy tapas restaurant on Camden Street in Dublin or Dalston High Street in London with a beautiful fit-out by a contemporary designer; (Frank's Dublin) , then don’t try to emulate that on social.

Great photography is a great starting point, it can elevate your brand, engage new online customers and showcase your product. That is why it is so important to get it right!

A few tips for you - have good natural light, ensure the plate is clean, do not zoom in too much, ensure the picture is in focus. If the food is very flat (like a steak) take a picture from above rather than in front. However, if the plate of food has height take a picture from the front, to really show it off.

Step 2 - Decide On Your Style

Next, are brand fonts, what have you used on your signage or your menus? Ideally, you want to deliver a consistent look and feel.

Keep it uniform! Know your brand colour. What colour is your logo, your exterior, your menus, what you have used in your interiors? Find your brand colour and bring it through your social.

Step 3 - Collaborate With Those Who Are Like-minded

Link up with local businesses in your area, your suppliers, your staff members, pull inspiration from things that you feel fit your business.

For example, if your brand aesthetic includes a love of wine; highlight your wine suppliers on your social.

Step 4 - Really Question What You Are About To Post

Ask yourself, what will my audience gain from this post?

Is the post inspiring them? Is it educating them? Is it entertaining them? If the answer is no, maybe rethink it.


Brand aesthetic is important as it is the picture you paint to your customers. Current ones, new ones and future ones. It needs to be thought through, planned and delivered in an entertaining, inspiring or educational way.

If you'd like some further help on defining your brand aesthetic you can chat to one of our team here.

Annemarie O'Brien

Author: Annemarie O'Brien

Annie is a Community Manager at Socio Local. Working closely alongside her clients, she has a keen eye for detail and in creating the best aesthetic for her client's businesses. You might catch her checking out any exhibition openings around town on her days off!