Catching the Millennial Bug

Lee Flanagan
Written by Lee Flanagan, Community Manager


Gen Y'ers are the next generation of diners. With more spending power than those before them, coupled with the digital world at their fingertips...they definitely know what they want, but do you know how to give it to them?

Food for the 'gram

I'm constantly tagging my friends under exciting new eateries that are popping up all over the city. If they're posting eye-catching images of food or drinks, nine times out of ten I'm paying attention. Upon further inspection, I'm dying to try it. Word travels fast and it's not before long, murmurs are heard in the Socio Local office... "should we try here for lunch? Their photos look amazing." "Yeah, I've seen their Instagram."

Want to get your content seen by this prime target audience? Gripping images coupled with ad spend are sure fire ways for your posts to spread like wildfire and get people talking.

Engage. Engage. Engage

Did I mention engage? OK yeah, it's pretty crucial. Millennials want a brands personality to shine through their social presence in everything they do.

Share your story, why do you, do what you do?

Crack a joke.

Post that meme.

Reply to the positive reviews to show your customers gratitude.

Give your take on the poorer ones to see where things went wrong.

Personalizing your restaurant allows for more visibility online, and more customers through the door as a result.

Bring something new to the table

Diners want new and exciting experiences when they venture out to eat. A restaurant's decor, theme or novelty drink can get just as much attention online as the food offerings available. No need to start from scratch. Instead, find a unique selling point, or emphasise an already existing one. With enough promotion, the city slickers will start to associate your brand with that offering and this will result in hype being generated. Make something your 'thing.'

Be socially responsible

Younger generations engage and relate to brands that contribute to environmental and social issues they care about. Small gestures can mean a lot and lead to generating a 'cool' reputation amongst the increasingly savvy consumer. Anything from a reduced price for bringing your reusable coffee cup, to giving back to the city you do business, and its dwellers can gain a strong following of loyal customers. Take a cause you care about and intertwine it into your business practices.

Be transparent

People of all ages are thinking more carefully about the food they consume and it's origins. Restaurateurs need to cater to this growing demand for knowledge regarding the food they serve. By utilising social, you can highlight where your coffee originates from and what makes it unique. Show that you're supporting local, independent breweries by stocking their hooch. Do you buy your cheese from a family-run dairy farm? Emphasise that. The list is, well, limitless.

This generation is captivated by the small details and enjoy new tastes and flavours that they’ve never experienced before.

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Lee Flanagan

Author: Lee Flanagan

Lee is a community intern who comes from a multimedia background. Having previously worked on campaigns aimed at increasing businesses brand presence with the younger generation could you guess he also looks the youngest?