Celebrating Mums this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! The perfect opportunity to show off the sentimental side to your business as well as providing a special experience for families. In this article, we’ll be showing you not only the best deals to offer your guest but how to add that “warm fuzzy feeling” element to your business for the day that’s in it.


There are so many people that rely on the hospitality industry to show their Mother’s just how loved they are. Here are a few incentives you could offer your guests that might entice them to chose you for their Mother’s Day celebrations...

Offers & Promotions

Gift vouchers with a difference...
Perhaps not everyone will dine out this Mother’s Day, but you better believe that daughters, sons, husbands and partners won’t want to turn up empty handed to breakfast in bed. Why not offer an incentivised gift voucher to be used as their token of appreciation.

For example with a €20 voucher receive a free glass of prosecco upon your visit.
With a €50 receive a free dessert.
With a €100 receive a free bottle of house wine!

This is just a small way to express appreciation for Mother’s while providing sporadic future bookings for your restaurant.


Gift vouchers with a difference...
Use this opportunity to set your online bookings alight! Work together with your community manager to create a campaign around driving online bookings for the day that’s in it. “Use the word MUM while making your reservation to receive 20% off your bill on Mother’s Day” Of course, the amount and incentive can be adjusted as you wish, and will ensure you have a sea of full tables on Sunday 31st March! But why stop there? Make this a weekend-long offer to maximise the promotion, so that no Mum feels left out. 😉

In-Store Sentimentality

While it’s important to create offers and deals that will entice your guest to book, it’s also important to create the perfect experience for these families once they have arrived

Dress it up
Make these Mums feel like queens with a special place setting in their honour. This can be from anything as small as a rose to specify their seat around the table or go all out with a snipe of prosecco and a chocolate or two. It’s a small gesture but you can be sure Mother’s will leave feeling loved and families feeling satisfied with the fuss made over their loved one...


Mortify yourselves as your Mother’s would
Why not get your staff involved with a little game of family affairs! Ask them to bring in a photo of themselves and a photo of their mums - hang the pictures in a place that’s visually accessible for guests and ask them to match the staff member to the mum! You can provide a small prize for those who guess it right or make it just for fun! Either way, this opens up your staff to conversation, humanises them and brings an element of fun to the service!

Whether it’s a small gesture or a massive campaign, Mother’s Day is not a hallmark event one should dismiss. These are just some of the ideas generated by the team here at Socio! If you work with us, you can be sure that we will put together and deliver unique campaign ideas that set you apart from your competitors from Valentine’s Day to Christmas and every event in between.