Connect(ing) Performance and your business

Cameron Laird
Written by Cameron Laird, Account Executive


A few years ago, Socio Local decided to make a jump into the software world and build a platform that was dedicated to the hospitality industry. This was after realising that there was a huge gap in the market and no one tool provided business owners, specifically in hospitality with the tool they needed to manage their business online. Fast forward to 2019 and we have launched our platform.

When Socio Local started, our Community Managers were using an array of external software and services to execute our clients’ digital strategy. This was a laborious way to do things and not efficient enough for our team, so how could it be efficient for the businesses we were helping? With that said, we took matters into our own hands!

So we built our very own platform that incorporates all of our services under one roof and gives our clients software totally built for their needs. While we initially used it ourselves for our clients, we began to offer it as a stand-alone SaaS (Software as a Service) product for clients who wanted to still work on their digital presence themselves.

Socio Connect is a service like no other. We focus solely on the hospitality industry and have tailored it for a specific type of online brand management. Our unique set of features means you can plan your establishment’s success:

  • Plan your digital strategy in advance with your team on your Event Profile. Your team can review what content is going up and discuss it using our internal chat function.

  • Store all your images, videos and graphics in our content pool. Upload as you go using our mobile app version of Connect.

  • Use our Event Intelligence capability to research local events in your area. You can then use this information as content to drive footfall to your door.

  • Monitor your social performance by comparing your success as your strategy is rolled out. Our analytics and reporting enable you to see what is working and what isn’t.

  • Monitor your online reputation and reviews to ensure your ratings online are the best they can be.

  • Purchasing advertisement spend online? Keep it all in one place on Socio Connect and manage exactly how much you want to spend on your campaigns.

  • For all those multi-venue establishments out there, you can click between different event profiles to have visibility of all your different strategies for each venue.

Socio Connect is such a revolutionary platform because of how it helps our clients to build their online brand. Not only can you fully plan and execute an extensive digital strategy, but you can also see how it’s directly impacting and benefiting your business with our reporting tool. For the first time ever restaurants can see for the first time exactly how their social media and online reputation is driving footfall and revenue for them!

We’re constantly improving and growing our platform to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of Connect. We're constantly updating our product to meet changing demands and needs, so we implore our clients to give us feedback on how they use Connect and how we can tailor it for them.

Our aim is to make hospitality smart, and we have taken a huge step by building a tool that is not only built specifically for venues looking to promote their food but is easy-to-use for anyone who manages their digital marketing.

Contact us today using the button below to explore further how we can help your team collaborate to make your digital presence as successful and efficient as it can be!

Cameron Laird

Author: Cameron Laird

Cameron is an Account Executive at Socio Local. He considers himself an expert in Socio Connect, our software platform, and spreads the good word to restaurateurs around the country. As Cameron is a major foodie, he finds his job extremely interesting and can be found in restaurants both inside and outside of his working hours.