Connect with Socio Connect! Your guide to getting started


The Marketing Landscape has changed drastically over the past decade as Social Media usage increases on all fronts, A small little breakdown of each feature you can expect to see in our marketing app, Socio Connect.

You may have heard us mention Socio Connect, it’s our marketing platform that has recently undergone a huge update. Socio Connect allows you create a Venue Profile containing your USP’s, Offers, Brand Values, Brand Message, Target Market and much more. It also lets you update the company’s current marketing objective which is communicated and seen by your entire team including your Community Manager in Socio Local should you choose to use our services.

Socio Connect also contains much more including your Social and website Performance.

Analytics in one place I hear you say. Lovely.

Even more than that however, Connect will automatically create a correlation between your Social Marketing and reservations/bookings being placed, allowing you valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t. Adding a greater ROI when implemented and used, this can be done in house or if you are using Socio Locals services will already be getting done by your dedicated Community Manager.

Posts – Full insight and use of our dedicated publishing platform means you will see what posts are scheduled for when and allows you request changes be made should you require them from whomever is creating the content be that in house or by a Community Manager in Socio Local.

Events – This is one of my personal favourites and the importance of events for the hospitality sector is vital during the Spring and Summer months. What we have done is compile events that our happening from the baby convention in the RDS to the Spice Girls in Croke Park to London based events kicking off the Summer months. If you want to target the 1000’s of people going to these events you first need to know when and where they are taking place. Geo target the events taking place within a chosen radius of your premises and then highlight the pertinent events to your business so your marketing team can then do their thing. If you aren’t targeting local events, you are losing.

Content Pool – It’s exactly what it says on the tin. All of your content, photography, imagery etc. in one easily accessible place.

Finally we’ve got Advertising – A place to see what advertisements are being placed on your profile, who they’re targeting, the money being spent and most importantly; The results coming through.

Socio Connect is a one stop shop and has updates constantly rolling out. We never stop adding to the platform and use our own expertise along with the recommendations/requests of our clients to improve the platform. Socio Connect is built by us, for you.

Looking to get involved? Click the links below to download Socio Connect!


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For a little laugh, check out the blooper reel of our recent marketing video below