Creating Sales from Social


Creating Great Content

So what are three main factors in converting social into sales?
1. Relevancy.
2. Consistency.
3. Strategy.

So firstly, effective content needs to be relevant. There's no use discussing how fabulous your wine list is and then using a photo of the restaurant, or posting photos of dishes that you may no longer serve. Posting accurate and attractive representations of your restaurant are the best way to ensure that your audiences transitions seamlessly from scrolling to walking through your door. Customers will decide to act based on what they are seeing online and will seek out the same experience in your business. If you can gain your audiences trust with corresponding descriptions and images, you are more likely to lead to repeat custom as well as custom through trusted word of mouth.

Secondly, your social presence needs to be consistent. Audiences are more reactive than ever before – meaning they are also impatient. At the rate we are now consuming content on a daily basis, audiences will begin to switch off if you are posting too frequently or infrequently – and we have put the research in for getting the balance just right!

"Nulou suggests to post a minimum of three times a week to maintain your consistency while keeping your maximum number of Facebook posts to no more than 10 a week."
– CoScheduleBlog 2018

There you have it...Our aim is to shout loud enough to separate your brand from the noise and frequently enough to maintain people's interest! If you can do this, you can successfully maintain a relationship with your target market!

So, relevancy and consistency are big components of creating Great Content. However, now let's consider the strategic posting.

If your aim is to increase revenue, it is VITAL to reach your audiences at the times when they are most likely to be online, seeking your immediate services or likely to be planning ahead… And if you are a client of Socio Local this will be done for you.

"Once you've created a positive user experience, the next step is for them (the customer) to engage with you (All going well)."

...And if you are a client of Socio Local this will be done for you. 😉


Creating a Content Experience

The initial experience your audiences have with your business can begin a number of different ways – in the search bar, by being tagged in your posts or through a paid advert popping up on their news feed. The latter is, in our opinion, the top of the potential sales funnel and the experience that follows is what will result in a positive outcome – Revenue!

Remember that when a user discovers your Digital Storefront (your online profile or presence) or your physical storefront the next step they're going to take is research. Research in the form of diving into your online presence.

It's a misconception to think that one post alone will instantly result in a reservation. However, if you have the social presence to back it up audiences will be more likely to go searching for your booking link or phone number! Therefore it's important ensure this research is a fun, interesting and engaging process!

Remember, audiences are not only there to be sold to, they want something to take away from your social! Be it something they’ve drooled over, learned or laughed at you need to nurture the non-promotional aspects of your business in order to further your relationship with your audience and therefore keep them coming back for more! Create a user-friendly sales funnel of information - easily found and digestible! This is when they will convert to paying customers.


What’s next?

Maintaining a high-quality, user-centric content experience will pay in the long run and it doesn't need to be a complicated or a time-consuming task.

That's where we come in.

If you want to avoid slugging it out with ever-growing competitor numbers and raise your business to the top then you need to start thinking about strengthening your brand.

Let us create a good user experience for you and initiate your online relationship with your audience. If you are interested in any of our services, it's extremely easy to get started. You can follow the link below and register for a free digital audit. One of the team will go through everything and give you a call to set up a 1:1 meeting to go over what we can do for you!