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Jason Fagan
Written by Jason Fagan, Community Manager

We recently conducted a Summer brainstorm here in Socio HQ to develop Summer Campaign ideas for our clients. We broke our results down into 4 business type categories. Some you can make happen on your own and others you can use us to help!

Seaside/Bayside Businesses

These clients typically thrive in the Summer months! But if you're located among a string of other restaurants and bars it's important to ensure your business stands out! Here are a few campaign ideas on how to do just that!

Small Business Saturday

Aware of a gap in your current service that needs satisfying for the Summer? Or believe you could make a great addition to neighbouring business? For the summer months, why not enter into partnerships with other local businesses in the area to provide a "piggyback"? For example, a pub could partner up with the pizza joint up the road, advertising the fact punters can have a pizza delivered while enjoying a few beers with friends.

Explore our area day!

Come together with a few local businesses to provide a festival of sorts in your area. A great example of this is the old Bray Summer Fest which has now been broken down into numerous "Festivals" which take place over the summer months. For example Wing Fest on July 19th, 20th and 21st. Such a simple event, it is simply a number of businesses in Bray coming together for a wing competition. Not only does each business open a stall and sell their wings, but there is also a competition for the best ones. A simple and effective day out which draws in a lot of people.

Staycation campaign/ Tastes of abroad

Give your target market a reason to stay put this summer! Link up with outdoor activities ( local sailing centre etc, tourist attractions, festivals & concerts) and provide them with a day out! For example, Half price lunch menu for Beatyard festival ticket holders!

Or you could simply, provide a special menu, cocktail specials for the summer or even free ice-cream for the summer months!

DART/Train ticket discounts

The idea here is to incentivise people to come from other areas and offer a discount when they present a train ticket. A free bottle of wine for a table of 4 or more with valid train tickets for example. Something like this could be the deciding factor between your restaurant and the one next door!


City Centre clients

Sure, city centre clients can thrive in the summer - but an outdoor seating terrace area can be the difference between a customer staying for hours for a leisurely lunch or a quick grab and go... If you aren't blessed with outdoor square footage, these ideas might tip the scales in your favour!

Capitalise on City Events

Time to use our Socio Connect app to your advantage! We spoke earlier about how it can benefit a business in a number of ways. Everyone loves something that saves time, especially business owners - This way you can find your nearest festivals, concerts and summer special occasions to use to your advantage! Create discounts for tickets holders, introduce limited edition dishes or drinks inspired by the given event or go all and offer a few freebies to keep your customers sweet!

But it's not just the locals who are city bound this Summer! Target tourists with ad spend or if the marketing budget is tight, you can focus on tourism hashtags. Let's face it, they don't look pretty but the reality is those who are currently travelling are likely to be searching for them! By implementing some of the most popular hashtags, you're increasing your chances of being found on the 'gram. If you are found and have implemented some of the other steps we have spoken about in the past then you are sure to see more custom come through your doors.

Temperature Discounts

Let's make a game of our pending Summer (mis)fortune with temperature bingo or free pints to the degrees! One such game is that if it reaches a certain temperature, you can run a spur of the moment "Happy Hour" One of our favourites and is very engaging! This can also result in TONNES of UGC (User Generated Content) to further benefit your business!

For example - Heatwave on the way? Have a game of temperature bingo, once the in house temp gauge goes over 30 degrees everyone gets half price pints for 30 minutes!

Sports predictions

You may not have an outdoor area, so it’s time to capitalise on those screens! Get your guests involves with televised sporting events by encouraging them to guess the score correctly! The winner can then enjoy a free round for the table (or similar prize of your choosing!) A very popular game with some clients as it's cheap and has reported to have increased footfall with people quoting the deal and making the most of it.


Heavily Suburban and Residential Areas

These areas can run a little quieter from June to Septemeber with schools on summer holidays and families venturing off on their holidays! During this time it's important to create a buzz and give those who might be staying put a reason to go out!

Family Meal Deals

This idea is ideal for playing up to those who are looking to stay close by. Remember, with the kids off school, parents will be looking for the best ways to keep their families entertained!

If you have the outdoor space, why not get creative and introduce a play area? Or, if you are at capacity, rent out a bouncy castle to keep the kids entertained while Mam & Dad enjoy a fabulous meal! Likewise, fixed menus for 2 parents and 2 children which offers a great incentive can be your ticket to getting bums on seats.

Finish your family day out with us!

At the end of a trip to the beach, the last thing Parents wish to do is cook up a family feast! That's where you come in - Increase that radius on Socio Connect Events and capitalise on what'’'s taking place 20km away. "At the end of the day" There's us! Join us between 4pm - 8pm for 20% off for all families of 4"

Bartender Face-off

Get your staff ready for a cocktail competition where your guests pick their favourite! This could turn into a great weekly or monthly event and is an easy way to introduce a fun relation between your customers and your staff! It may also generate some more of that all-important UGC and inspire some word of mouth online ;)


Takeaways, Fast food or otherwise

So the sun has decided to shine and now people are turning to their BBQ's... which generally a lovely thought except wait. YOU'RE A TAKEAWAY! And relying on your target market to take a step back from cooking for themselves is essential for you to thrive! Never fear, we have a trick or two up our sleeve to sway them to the takeaway menu...

What's hot on the telly this Summer?

Take advantage of extremely popular shows on tv and push these through social. For example, Love Island is MASSIVE and will be on our screens until mid-August. Take advantage and offer a discount during the hour or 2 this show airs each night or even create a "Love Island Special" that's sure to make heads turn ??

Make a picnic out of it!

Get people to dine al fresco with your food! Whether it's in their bag garden, the park or the beach! There's a long-standing joke that uber eats/Deliveroo will get you your food no matter where you are. Capitalise on this and start delivering to the local amenities as well as to peoples homes. Picnics outside and you don't even need to prepare food? Ideal.

In 2018 Deliveroo pulled an amazing PR stunt and started delivering peoples food via canoe in Portobello. Something that picked up massive traction from national news outlets. A smart delivery method during a sunny day can pull in massive PR but on the day itself will have a knock on effect of people seeing one group get their food delivered. A simple strategy in advance and this could be a great win for your business.

Lighter options for the longer days

Time to get creative with healthy options and/or set menus! Whilst we are firm believers in satisfying your soul, some are hard at work building their "Summer Bodies" Start advertising your healthy options with the nutritional intake included. People will still want to order a treat from time to time while also keeping an eye on their intake. They'll appreciate being able to do both - which may earn you some brownie points! (Pun intended!)

Take it to the pub!

Bring more to the table than just pints - A lot of pubs have started linking up with the local takeaways to bring their guests the best of both worlds! Approach a popular local in the area with the idea - they bring the drinks, we bring the food! Advertise it to their punters and it's a Win/Win because it means their guests aren't leaving the pub to get food and you're bringing your service to them!

Check out the Events feature for yourselves following the link below. If you don't have Connect set up yet, just send a quick email to and we will be able to assist further

Jason Fagan

Author: Jason Fagan

Marketing Executive with a focus on social and lead generation. Jason joined Socio Local having worked for himself for a number of years which has provided great insight into a multitude of different sectors. When he's not in the office you will usually find him in the mountains on some sort of 2 wheeled transport.