Does social = bums on seats?

Yes, yes it does.

You asked for us to prove the power of social media on bookings and driving revenue for the hospitality industry. And so…we opened a pop-up restaurant in Dublin.

The Shaka Poke x Socio Local collaboration began with the sole intention of driving booking numbers and revenue purely through social media and digital marketing.

Our goal was to test the waters and derive solid conclusions based on what we already believed to the true. That basically, social media engagement alongside gripping content can not only have a potentially huge reach, but that reach can convert into paying customers through the door.

Using our new app Socio Connect to lead communications and monitoring results we began transforming our Dublin City locations, into our Poke bowl hub. Alongside social media, we were keen to discover the impact email marketing had on customer numbers, as well as increased ad spend.


Over the space of 8 weeks, whilst preparing and planning for the opening day, we posted a total of 40 times on both Instagram and Facebook in order to generate awareness and anticipation online. Of course, engagement is key, so competitions were created encouraging users to like, share and comment on the posts and pages, expanding our potential reach and exposure, and in turn, generating higher booking numbers.

So what was achieved? Well first, we suggest you watch the video and that will tell you all. But in 6 weeks we generated 181 bookings equating to 542 covers…just from social media and 2 email campaigns. The success of the pop up proved what we already knew to be true…that those who embrace social are winning.

More stories to follow.