Finding your voice in the sea of social networks

Lee Flanagan
Written by Lee Flanagan, Community Manager


From formal & polite to quirky & fun your tone of voice should be the first thing on your list to tick off when planning your social media strategy. Your tone of voice is your personality!

Depending on your brand and audience the wrong tone of voice can lead to lost business. On the flipside, if you nail your voice and approach you can generate a large amount of positive engagement.

Let's discuss some examples below and highlight the pros and cons of these voices.

Quirky & Edgy

One of the newer approaches to engaging with customers and the public on social media is by acting like everyone else. One of the pioneers of this is Wendy's. An American fast food chain who realised by mimicking the voice of their customers they were raking in a massive amount of viral attention.

If you're aiming for a younger customer base this would be the direction to go in. Millennials and Gen Z are extremely sceptical about Social Media. Adopting this tone of voice can show them that your brand is trendy & not afraid to take risks.

Formal & Polite

If you're aiming for a sophisticated and more mature crowd this would be the direction to take. Something as simple as gracefully and elegantly explaining what goes into your dishes accompanied with stellar photography can entice potential patrons. An example of this is Chapter One in Ireland or Sketch London based in the UK.

While this tone of voice is a great choice if the standard of content slips it can leave a sour taste in your follower's mouth. This can, in turn, lead to negative reviews which will drive potential customers away from your business.

Fun & Simple

This is the go-to for the vast majority of social media accounts. With puns in every other post and friendly copy, this would be the safest tone to go for.

While this is the safest tone of voice it comes the lowest potential for explosive growth in engagement. Followers are likely to become accustomed to the tone of voice and it can become stale.

There are a number of other combinations to go for but these three are the most common.

Although we have segmented three tones for this article, the truth comes from you the business owner. How do you like your customers to feel in your restaurant? How do you like your staff to engage with customers? The answers to these questions are the first step in knowing how to converse on social.

If you would like some more advice on this or are looking to get some help with establishing your social media presence then you can contact us today.

Lee Flanagan

Author: Lee Flanagan

Lee is a Community Assistant Photographer who comes from a multimedia background. Having previously worked on campaigns aimed at increasing business's brand presence with the younger generation did you also guess that he also looks the youngest? Likewise, chances are if you’re in Dublin you will be meeting Lee when he’s making your restaurant picture perfect!