Getting Summer Ready

Niamh Whelan
Written by Niamh Whelan, Community Manager


5 ways to get your restaurant summer ready

The days are brighter, the evenings are longer, and the temperature is ever so slightly warmer! Summer is finally, officially here! This time of year is a particularly interesting one for the hospitality industry. Depending on location, we can see business slow for some, and boom for others! So, whether you're located by a quiet University Campus or in a touristy Seaside Town, here are our top 5 tips for getting your restaurant summer ready!

1. Tap into The Great Outdoors

On a warm summer's evening there is nothing that beats the feeling of dining al fresco! A nice outdoor space is key for those after work drinks & bites! Give the pavement a quick power hose, dust down those deck chairs and break out a few hanging flower baskets et voila! The internet is a treasure trove of ideas on how a few tea lights in mason jars can transform your outdoor dining space into the perfect go-to summer spot! Even if you don't have the space for outdoor seating, a few new decorations can go a long way!

2. Prepare Your Staff

If summer is a busy season for you, don't wait until the big mid-season rush to look for hired help. By allowing yourself time to hire good staff and train them efficiently, you'll be ready for busier summer nights. This way you'll be able to cater for any additional tables in your outdoor spaces and cover any holidays you need to.

3. Get Creative with Summer Promotions

Summer is arguably the best time of the year, but it can also be a pretty competitive period for restaurants. With more people out and about, looking for an activity to do in the longer evenings; have something unique that sets you apart. Be creative and have fun with your promotions. If your situated in a student area, quieter now in summer holidays; think of ways you can target those on Summer Exchange Programs. Or if you're located near parks or outdoor concert venues, drive foot traffic with a new Pre-Concert Cocktail. Keep an eye out for all local summertime events and see how you can tie into them.

4. Update your Menu

Now this is the fun part! There are so many amazing foods that come into season in summer! Tap into this by creating a couple of new menu items to entice customers. Use seasonal, local ingredients to create a new item or even add some new, lighter summer beers and wines to the menu. Summer is all about the after-work drinks so consider adding more small plates, starters and bites to the menu.

5. Get the Word Out

The most important part of all: Let your customers know! Again, summer is a time of huge competition for bars and restaurants. Focus on running a couple of Summer Campaigns to get the word out about all of the amazing things you're getting up to. Luckily, it's easily the most Instagram - friendly time of the year. From bright, colourful days to bright, colourful dishes, it's easy to create engaging content to post on your social!

Niamh Whelan

Author: Niamh Whelan

Niamh is a Community Manager at Socio Local. Growing up working in the hospitality industry gives Niamh great insight into the world of her clients. She combines this knowledge with her study of Communications & Social Media to work with independent businesses to increase and improve their digital presence. When she’s not in the office you can find her hiking or exploring the outdoors.