How To Define Your Restaurants Personality

Maeve Martin
Written by Maeve Martin, Onboarding Manager


Have you ever thought about what your restaurant would be like if they were a person? What traits they would have, how would they speak, what would their values be? And most importantly, would you like to hang out with them? As strange as it might seem to give an inanimate venue human characteristics, this is vital to getting your brand right online.

The characteristics attached to your brand are what make people feel connected to your restaurant and turn customers into regulars. Your social media should reflect this personality and show customers what they can expect from your venue.

Often, your brand personality can be seen in your target market. When you picture your clientele what personality traits come to mind? Fun or serious, fancy or relaxed, clean-cut or rugged? If you can identify the type of people, you can reflect that personality in your social media which creates great client relationships and drives loyalty.

Having an identity crisis with your restaurant? Here are some simple steps you can take to figure out your restaurant's personality:

1. Ask For Feedback

Find out from loyal customers and team members what aspects of the restaurant they like the best and what keeps them coming back. This can range from the decor to the menu, to the atmosphere inside.

2. Assign Traits

From this feedback, assign personality traits that reflect what it is people like. Do they like the casual decor and friendly staff? Then your restaurant is approachable and relaxed. Is it the fine food and professional service? Then maybe your restaurant is classy and sophisticated.

3. Values

What would a person with the above trait's value? Choosing values is important for staying true to the personality you have created. If you’ve decided your restaurant is relaxed and down to earth, one of your values may be a community, so getting involved and using local produce. Values should be kept at the forefront of all aspects of the restaurant.

4. Tone of Voice

Your values and traits will guide you as to what tone of voice you will use in your social media. Your social media should be focused on speaking to your target market so keep your tone reflecting your personality and they will relate.

5. Share!

Once you have your traits, values and tone of voice locked down, it’s time to share them with your team and customers. Use them as a guide for social media posts to make sure your content is speaking to the right audience and growing your customer base!

As always these blogs are here to help and offer up some ideas for your business. We understand that social is a very time-consuming task and to stay on top of it can sometimes feel like a full-time job. If you want some help marketing your business and maximising the results being generated. Speak with us now using the button below.

Maeve Martin

Author: Maeve Martin

Maeve is part of the Onboarding team at Socio Local. She guides people through our set up process and gets them ready for a great partnership with Socio Local. One of our more notiony staff members, you can find Maeve doing yoga or cooking something strange when she’s not in the office.