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Daniel Malone
Written by Daniel Malone, Onboarding Manager


Instagram recently changed a big part of their platform. If you frequent Instagram, you’ll have no doubt noticed the number of likes on others posts is no longer displayed to you, now appearing as [Username] and others liked this.

You can still view the likes on your own content by simply tapping into it. But, you may be wondering why did Instagram make this change? And there are several answers to that.

For Genuine Engagement

There’s a tendency among users to like content that already has a high number of likes, rather than actually liking that content. With this change, it removes the psychological impulse to like content because others have. Instead, users would like what they genuinely like. While this might mean you’ll see fewer likes on your posts, you can rest assured that these likes are genuine actions taken to engage with your brand. The change is intended to bring the platform back to its roots, with video and photo content at the forefront.

While this is a test in several countries to see how it affects the platform and its users, it may become a permanent change. For those who need to know how many likes they get for KPI purposes, you should already have made your profile a creator or business profile. This gives you access to a range of insights and additional tools to better understand your audience and your performance.

For Mental Health

Yes, really. It’s not a secret that people often compare themselves to their peers on Social Media. A common metric for comparison here is the number of likes users get on their posts versus the likes of their peers. Seeing more likes on others content over your own can make people feel like they haven’t achieved as much as their peers, as likes are often seen as a measure of success among younger users. With this metric hidden on other posts, it removes the ability to compare one’s content to their peers. At least, from a likes only perspective.

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Daniel Malone

Author: Daniel Malone

Daniel is the Onboarding Manager at Socio Local, working with new clients to prepare them to work with Socio Local. Daniel comes from an English and Multimedia background and worked in Hospitality in San Diego and Dublin. Outside Socio, Daniel can be found writing Science Fiction, streaming on Twitch, or planning his next trip to Disneyland.