'Like Farms' Are they worth it?

Tamara Reis
Written by Tamara Reis, Community Manager


Have you ever seen this before? Hundreds of phones lined up in a factory like setting? This is what the average like farm looks like. Technology uploaded onto the devices ensures items on the screens are clicked and liked constantly, 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Now have you ever logged into Instagram to find offers of likes and engagement by random Social Media accounts? These accounts offer to increase your follower base using "real followers" for a small fee and promise they can do it without breaking social media's policies. These are usually Chinese businesses like the one pictured above who are just looking to make a dime on the rapid increase of social media popularity.

So why is buying this kind of service a bad idea?

Well for starters, buying and selling followers is against social media business policies and can backfire on you. Once you buy these services, you need to provide them with your username and passwords to work. The same way these businesses use fake and real followers to engage with your account, your account will be used to engage with theirs.

Now we all know why you might want a large following. A large follower base on social media brings much more than just popularity; it increases awareness about your brand, reaches a new audience, increases product exposure and leads to more web traffic and sales.
That said, businesses realised there was money to be made and created fake accounts to sell likes and engagement for a couple of euro that in a small scale, fools people to believe that a product or service is legit and on a large scale, it can reshape the course of an election. Buying 'likes' from these types of businesses has become so popular that one estimate from SBS News suggests the industry is now worth a whopping $1.3 billion.

With that type of money to be made, you can be sure the social media giants have taken notice. Facebook and Instagram utilise very clever algorithms which delete these fake accounts and with it, the likes and follows they had given. This is why you might notice an account with 15,000 follows one day and 9,000 the next. Twitter have even taken it a step further and will not only delete the fake accounts, but the real ones utilising this type of service.

If you're looking for real engagement with your local community, get in touch with us, we never used and never will use fake accounts and bots. We grow accounts the organic way, through our expertise and through the design and implementation of a marketing strategy tailored to your business.

Tamara Reis

Author: Tamara Reis

Tamara Reis is a Senior Comunity Manager passionate about Design and Technology. Tamara comes from a Digital Marketing background and uses her knowledge in Analytics, Advertising and Inbound to deliver outstanding work to her clients. She loves brunch and is always trying new cafes in town.

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