Messenger Maître d’

Socio Maître d' is a real-time chat bot that responds to your customers on Facebook Messenger


What your customers expect

Increasingly people expect to be able to communicate by Facebook Instant Messenger. Restaurants miss out on hundreds of covers each year because they don’t respond to Facebook Messenger requests.

The statistics


Inbound messages
relate to bookings


Covers missed on
average a year


Of restaurants do
not respond


Average response time
without Messenger

48% of inbound messages are consumers looking to make a booking with a staggering 166 covers missed on average a year. The problem is 35% of restaurants don’t respond to these messages and when they do it takes on average 15.4 hours to respond - your prospective customer may be long gone by then. With WhatsApp and iMessage coming online for business too, messaging has never been more fragmented.


What is
Messenger Maitre d’

Messenger Maître d’ is an intelligent Facebook Instant Messenger Chatbot that automatically responds to all your inbound Facebook messages, 24/7.

Combining millions of historical messages with artificial intelligence, Messenger Maître d’ helps you avoid missed bookings, saves you time and takes away the hassle in responding to inbound messages and improves your overall customer service to your valued customers.

With Messenger Maître d’ you no longer need to worry about responding to Facebook Messages your restaurant receives.


Messenger Maître d’ responds to:

 Booking requests

 Menu queries


 Dietary & allergy requests

 Opening times

 Custom requests

Benefits of Messenger Maître d’


Capture potential
missed bookings

Increase customer


Save time

Automated emails to you for
custom requests

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