Sports fan revenue is not just for pubs

Lauren Cassidy
Written by Lauren Cassidy, Community Lead

It's custom to assume that sporting events go hand in hand with pubs and bars. Whether you're a die-hard supporter or catching a lift on the bandwagon, the celebrations, the heartbreak and the cheering are normally associated with large screens and bar stools. But what does that mean for you if your business is a restaurant? If your restaurant is more high class than midfield, you might assume that sports events are not an area from which you can benefit - but with major events on the horizon such as the rugby world cup, we're here to show you that that is not the case and keep this opportunity for revenue in your grasp.

There's a long-time association with food, drink and sports. Where some restaurants fall short of the celebrations is assuming that they need to have massive screens in place in order to get involved - this is simply not the case! There's always an opportunity to attract the pre & post-game crowds with special menus, in house events or something as simple as a themed cocktail - and this is where we come in to assist you any way we can!

We're always researching and actioning new and innovative ways to make your social seem as SOCIAL as possible! Get in on what's trending, be part of the discussion and be part of the experience - that’s the bottom line when it comes to your business and sporting events.

Lunch & day time menus

Get people match ready with a specially prepared menu! We've seen an increase in the use of "bottomless brunch" as a means of driving people in ahead of evening sporting events - which have proven very successful. It also allows you to structure a sitting that is still in tone with your restaurant while all the while having an underlying purpose that is the sporting event in question.


Simply discuss the idea with your Community Manager and we'd be happy to create your graphics and promos to get the word out! And with detailed targeting, we can ensure your ads are focused and just for the right crowds...

Evening menus

Or you could mix things up with a special offer to show your support and excitement.

This will not only attract guests from a marketing perspective but will resonate that you too are part of this community! That you're involved and excited and eager to add to people memories by offering a complementary aspect to their plans.

The terms of the complimentary item per se are up to you, but we feel it's best to offer something simple & relevant... Check out two following examples.

sociolocal sociolocal

Indirect capitalisation

Whether or not you feel like your restaurant should be part of the atmosphere in terms of a campaign perspective - you should always look to maintain the personable side of things. Get involved, jump on the bandwagon, open the topic up for the discussion. This can be from something as small as erecting a small flag in/outside the restaurant to creating a sweepstake for your guests to get involved in!

Guests tend to enjoy their experience more when they feel they’ve had friendly encounters. A small signifier next to the till will act as an icebreaker between your guests and staff to discuss what’s trending now! "How do you fancy our odds?", "Did you catch the match last night?". It’s small associations like this you may work to your advantage in terms of having a positive impact on a guests visit, therefore using the events to your advantage.


Or why not introduce a sweepstake among your guests in order to increase engagement with your brand?

For example, introduce the competition online & in-store asking guests if they wish to partake? Diners will be given a team at random, with those with the final team put into a draw for the prize! It’s a great way to build & maintain momentum and anticipation over the course of a sporting event that may go on for a long period of time (such as the Champions League in the given example). Play it off as a lottery of sorts with emphasis on the luck of the draw, the longer a guests team stay in the competition - the longer you'll be able to hold their interest!


Food brings people together, so let's make this year, the year where we pair it perfectly with sports. Let's tackle it together at Socio Local, reach out to your Community Manager to discuss these and any other ideas and we'll be happy to assist you...

Lauren Cassidy

Author: Lauren Cassidy

Team lead, Community Manager and one of the longest-serving team members at Socio Local. Lauren joined the team fresh off the back of her Masters in Journalism and Communications and his since been applying her creative skills to assisting small businesses in getting their social presence where it needs to be. Pun enthusiast, Pizza lover, wordsmith extraordinaire.