What's On TV And Why It Matters

Dáirne Black
Written by Dáirne Black, Community Manager

The Summer is drawing to a close, and so too, has Love Island. Whether you were glued to it from day one, feigned interest to join with the chats at work, lazily watched it or had zero interest, it's gripped Ireland and the UK and now it's even headed stateside with Love Island USA.

As June started, I had my spot on the couch, ready to welcome a bunch of people I had never met into my life for two months.

Seven nights a week we got our daily dose from the villa. As a heatwave hit Europe, our nights were dominated by bikini-clad women and toned, tanned men. There we launch parties, eviction nights and even an Irish contestant or three.

With Love Island, came this comfort, a routine per se. We're creatures of habit, with many of thriving on routine and structure. Suddenly, our lives for the next eight weeks were planned out. Come 9pm we knew where we'd be, perusing Instagram and Twitter to find the best memes and join in the conversation online. Our days were based around Love Island, whatever happened, we had to be in front of a screen at 9pm. Suddenly, the 9-5:30 wasn’t so important, it was the 5:30-9pm that really mattered.

Tesco were this year's sponsor of the show, with a change from last year's JustEat and while at the time, I did question it, as the show went on, I saw the appeal and how, most hospitality and food brands could engage with Love Island, if the openness and willingness was there.


With the initial obvious choices for Love Island being takeaways, I saw no reason why other restaurants and bars couldn't capitalise on some villa action and join in the fun. A pre-Love Island early bird menu, discounted drinks for re-coupling nights, predictions for finale night, the winning couple. Of course, there's the usual themed dishes and drinks, discounts and offers. Not to mention the cheesy, and slightly questionable text that can be used.

Which pizza would you couple up with tonight?
Are you trobbin for a curry?
You're happy, but could you be happier with our steak and chips?
Would you sneak off to the hideaway to devour one of our desserts? 😉


This year's Love Island caught our attention for all the right and sometimes wrong reasons. Just like social media should. We mindlessly scroll on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest, just like we mindlessly scroll through TV channels and Netflix. It’s not hard to link the two, your favourite show, paired with your favourite meal. A potentially winning combo. Joining in the conversation with the bigger picture, the wider world and all that’s going matters. Love Island may not be for everyone, but wouldn't you want even a few of those 3.1 million Instagram followers? It's the same with rugby, the Premier League, The X Factor and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

There is no reason that your objectives can't be linked to the biggest shows on television. Dual screening is bigger than ever right now, and so is online. Whether you're looking for something classy, traditional, a little bit out there, or simply just a plate of food with the name of your dish - we can ensure that it is linked in the most appropriate way for your business.

Love Island may not have the cult status of The X Factor yet, but with every year it's viewing figures increasing, hitting the 6 million viewing mark this year. It's an appointment to view, just like your favourite restaurant or takeaway. With it’s return confirmed for a Winter series in January, those dark days are looking a little bit brighter already.

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Author: Dáirne Black

Dáirne is a Senior Community Manager at Socio Local with a background in Journalism. She has a love of rhymes and creating engaging content tailored to her clients' needs. Having previously worked on the digital landscape for a number of brands, she’s dedicated to all things social and digital. When she’s not in the office, you can find Dáirne outdoors hiking or running.

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